28 Day Affirmation Plan For Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship



They have the power to change the life!


Fill your mind with positive thoughts and discover how they will transform your life positively.

Do you want to start using affirmations to change your life, but you don’t know how to write them properly or how to use them to have the best results? If the answer is YES – I can help you!

Check out these easy to follow 28-day affirmation plans for you. In these plans you will learn:
* how to use your affirmations,
* when to use them,
* how long should you say them,
* how to increase their power even more!

I have a lot of experience in using this type of plan, and trust me – if you do it right, it always works! An affirmation is a powerful tool that you can use to change your reality!

The 28-day plan includes:
* 12 unique affirmations written especially for you,
* printable 28-day plan with all your affirmations + printable affirmations for each week,
* clear instructions on how to use these affirmations,
* tips on how to make them even more powerful!

No matter how poisonous a relationship is, ending it can be arduous. Part of this is due to simple biological causes, as research has revealed that being in love activates the same brain areas as being high on cocaine.
As a result, love has been equated as an addiction. There may be harmful side effects in love, similar to addiction, such as abuse or gas lighting. Regardless of the negative conditions, it can be tough to overcome the romantic connection and feelings of love.

If you’re stuck in a relationship that isn’t good for you, consider this free Affirmation plan:


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