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Stop being negative & look on the brighter side of life

Dear Daughters,

To look on the brighter side of life of your life and breaking away from the things you want to change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not an easy and quick task, it requires, commitment and changing your mindset to go beyond the way you live now.

To break away from your current reality and transform your life you’ll need to change everything, you’ll need to change your behavior, your actions, your reactions, your words, and everything else that you may need to have the life of your dreams.

You can’t allow your behavior to limit you. It’s time to start taking full responsibility for your reality in order to transform it. Acting like a victim and refusing to see things as they really are cannot be part of your life anymore.

The only way to lead a life full of joy, is to break away from negativity!

Few things for you to consider to stop being negative

brighter side of life

1. Focus on the only thing you can control: YOU

If you want to start transforming your current situation, you need to do it by the only thing you can control, and that’s yourself.

  • You have the control over your mind so Think positive,
  • Control over your heart so be grateful,
  • You have the control over how you want to transform your life so, start to build a feasible plan to change things, and you’ll see how the world changes with you.

2. Commitment is key.

There are no life-changing actions without commitment. You need to dedicate yourself and put focus on your constant growth and development. If you devote yourself to a life of constant self-improvement and growth, you remain interested and open and in a position of continuous expansion.

3. Everything is an opportunity to learn.

Don’t give up when you fail to remember failure is only an opportunity to try again but this time with learned behaviors. So embrace every challenge, every difficult thing, and or person you encounter as an opportunity to grow, to learn from, and to make yourself better and more confident.

4. Inspire others to grow.

When you focus on yourself and put commitment into your own life changes, others will start to be inspired by you.

Not only does this make your life more interesting and meaningful, it inspires others to follow in your footsteps. And the more people who choose to continuously improve rather than remain in a state of stagnation, the better it will be for the world.

5. Set long and short-term goals.

Having goals is the best way to keep yourself motivated to transform your life. Set short-term ones to start changing your current situation and to allow yourself to see progress now, and set long-term ones that will help you live the life of your dreams. Break them into smaller steps with deadlines and start acting on it.

6. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

Although you are focused on the life of your dreams, the one you are changing now, don’t forget to enjoy the journey and stay in the moment

Find happiness in the things you are doing right now and be grateful for them. Don’t let the past and future problems take your capacity to be happy now.

Practice gratitude, by showing how thankful you are for each step you’re taking and soon enough you’ll be breaking away from the things that don’t make you happy right now and you want to transform.

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In order for the transformation to stick we need to have a positive outlook on life and hint at the brighter side!

Always looking on the brighter side of life may not be an easy task for everyone, but to do that and see happiness in everything you do is necessary to have a shift in your mindset for total transformation!

Being negative all the time and looking through life with a pessimistic approach can actually be harmful to your health. It affects the way you make decisions, attracts the wrong people to your life, and can shorten your lifespan.

Seeing things from a brighter more positive perspective actually promotes a healthy immune system, , keeps you calm, and even helps you keep a healthy attitude when faced with problems.

3 word formula for transforming your life!

To start looking on the brighter side of life you can consider the following:

brighter side of life

1. Don’t stay around people that only think negatively.

Negative thinkers can affect you without you realizing you’re absorbing their energy.

Just by constant interaction. Of course, no one is 100% perfect, and we all get sad eventually, but if you have in your life people that are never happy about life, and only complain about everything and are bringing you down with this attitude, it’s time to get rid of them.

2. Be positive with others.

To attract positivity, you’ll need to share it first. Being positive with people will help you feel positive too.

3. Start being grateful to look on the brighter side of life

Being grateful is a great way to always look on the bright side of life. You’ll start to feel thankful for the things you have accomplished instead of only focusing on what went wrong. a great way to help you remember why you should be grateful is to Write down the things that make you happy,

  • Things that made you laugh during the week,
  • Friends you made,
  • Things you bought, and so on.
  • Gratitude should be a constant in your life.

4. Always look for the lessons you learned.

As mentioned earlier Every situation can teach us something and make us feel more mature. If something didn’t go the way you wanted, instead of being negative about it and giving up, look for what you could learn from, how this situation changed you, and keep going. Always find the positives in every situation.

5. Have emotional intelligence.

The expression ‘emotional intelligence’ became really famous in the past years, but it’s for a good reason. People with emotional intelligence are able to look at situations rationally in order to avoid allowing their feelings to control their lives.

Emotional intelligence gives you the ability to take a step back to analyze situations without your negative thoughts affecting their

6. Physical activity can help.

It’s a proven fact that physical activities can help you release endorphins and serotonin, both things help you lift your mood. They give your body much more energy during the day, and make you less stressed and tense.

The best thing is that you need only a few minutes of physical activities to release endorphins and serotonin, so no need to do high-intensity training if you don’t have time to. the important key here is to be consistent.


Looking at the bright side of life is something that we can all build upon in our everyday lives. The simple approaches and improvements outlined above may be all you need to turn into a new, more optimistic individual. People around you will note your increased strength, positivity, and effect as you become the person you should always be. They are inspired to model your actions and achieve more success in their own lives. And as they transform, you’ll notice your world is becoming more like the place you imagine it to be: full of people who trust, love, understand, and inspire one another to reach new heights.

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