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Did you know there’s a difference between worry and concern?
Dear Daughters,


Did you know there’s a difference between worry and concern?

The difference is change. If you can make a change for the better, then act on your concerns. If not, don’t worry! Accept the things you can’t change. Relieve yourself of worried, unproductive thoughts.

How can you cut down on worrying when it feels unavoidable? Try these expert techniques to help you stress less:

  • Schedule a “worry hour.” Put off all of your worrying until this time. But don’t just sit and worry. Write your fears down! This will help you take action, or accept the worry and move on.


  • Start a dialogue – with yourself. Are you as hard on others as you are on yourself? Treat yourself like a friend. Be logical and empathetic to your concerns. You’ll likely find a more balanced perspective this way!


  • Find a distraction. Do something else besides worry. Watch an upbeat movie. Read a soothing book.


  • Catch worrying early. Anxiety tends to spiral. Try not to focus on the worst possible outcome. Think of ways to solve the problem before it gets worse.


  • Exercise. It’s a healthy outlet for anxiety. It relieves tension. It can even help control weight and strengthen your heart.

I love practicing these whenever Stress or worry comes!


As Always,

Love Mom


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