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Do you push through setbacks? Or do they often set you back?
Dear Daughters,

Do you push through setbacks? Or do they often set you back?

Resilience is bouncing back from problems. It’s about being flexible and enduring when the going gets tough. It’s knowing that there’s always a brighter tomorrow.

It’s human to feel vulnerable. Not every day is perfect, and it’s healthy to acknowledge when you feel bothered or blue. By strengthening your resilience, you can learn to push through. Each problem can begin to feel easier to manage.

Professor Martin Seligman finds that resilience depends on the 3 P’s:

   1.Personalization: It’s not always entirely your fault when bad things happen. Piling guilt on yourself only creates more stress. Acknowledge luck and other people often play a role. Then dust yourself off, and move on.


     2.Pervasiveness: When something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world. Thinking that one problem impacts your entire life is a stress builder. Many things in your life are still great. Keep your eyes open to the positives.


    3.Permanence: The only constant is change. Stress accelerates when you start thinking that things will never get better. Resilient people are optimistic. Focus on what will likely change and improve with time.

I hope this helps.

As Always,

Love Mom


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