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Can Keto work for Women over 50?

Dear Daughters,

Does Keto work for over 50?

I want to discuss misconceptions regarding Keto and its effectiveness for women over 50. As we get older, it is tough to lose weight. This is due to several reasons, including sluggish metabolism, menopause, stress level, and many more. So, you can’t blame any diet, it’s simply the law of nature.

First, let’s be clear about what keto diet is, as everyone has different approaches regarding it. So a keto diet is a high-fat diet, along with low carbohydrates and moderate protein supply. The keto diet requires cutting down the carbohydrates sources and increasing fat consumption.
Weight loss is a frustrating process that requires much patience and effort. So, if you want to follow the keto diet at the age of 50, I will share some effective ways to incorporate keto into your everyday life.

Ways To Make Keto diet Successful

Ways To Make Keto diet Successful


Don’t skimp on protein foods

Don't skimp on protein foods

Protein is a crucial part of the keto diet, but only if it is the right amount. It helps the body increase muscle mass and slows down the metabolic process. According to the research, protein helps boost metabolism, as it has the therapeutic effects of all other nutrients. So it helps the body digest and metabolize the food.
Moreover, it also regulates hunger by reducing the hormone ghrelin.

Consume the right amount of Fats

Consume the right amount of Fats

As we already said, the keto diet is about cutting the carbs and getting enough fat in your diet. So you need to add the right amount of fats in every meal until you are fat-adapted. Please note at this stage, you will gain weight. However, to reduce weight, you need to rely more on body fat than get the calories from fat.

Cut off the Alcohol consumption

Cut off the Alcohol consumption

Alcohol has extra calories that make you gain weight. So an occasional glass of wine is not an issue. But overdrinking stops the body from losing weight. By consuming too much alcohol, your body’s metabolism changes and doesn’t metabolize the alcohol.

Sleep tight

Sleep tight

Commonly, you may experience a disturbance in your sleep pattern. However, positive sleep provides you with better energy levels that help you gain and lose weight over time. Moreover, it also helps release the primary stress hormone, which is also linked with abdominal fat.

Cut off the carbs

It is essential to cut off the carbs during a keto diet. If you can’t cut the entire carbs’ ratio, then reduce the consumption of it. Limit your carbs under 20 grams per day and enjoy the best keto results regarding weight loss.

So daughters, as you can see, the keto diet can work for women at any age, and we just have to make some effort.  I hope this helps.

As Always,

Love Mom

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