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How to counter feelings of emptiness?

Dear Daughters,

Many of us experience feelings of emptiness at some juncture in our lives, but not many can recognize precisely why they feel this way.

Sometimes we blame insufficient purpose, a lost lover, not enough friends, or other reasons, but this only dodges around the true reason for emptiness.

feelings of emptiness

Nevertheless, none of these reasons get to the real cause of why people feel empty;

Honestly, now we have so much uncertainty and destruction in the world because people feel this emptiness, and they look outside themselves to fix it.

Or, out of resentment and aloneness, they hurt others to release these feelings.

None of this will resolve the problem, though. At the heart of emptiness lies an absence of love for oneself.


I’ve experienced that emptiness more than I ever wanted to.

In my case, the proximal cause was constant rejection from loved ones and society. However, I think it goes much further than that. My self-esteem and confidence in who I was and could be was non-existent.

I kept hearing and reading that only I could fill that emptiness.

I could look around outside, but in the end, I was the only one who could fill it.

As you probably know, that appeared like an impossible task.

Nothing seemed like it would fill the emptiness: I certainly didn’t have that love for myself.

How could I? I had never been adequate in my entire life, and I had tried hard.

I honestly wasn’t good enough, or so I thought.

  • Not enough entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Don’t have enough confidence.
  • Not good-looking enough.
  • Not talented enough.
  • People don’t love enough. Or so I thought!

Despite the emptiness, I still kept trying.

feelings of emptiness

As time went on, out of desperation, I would reach out to men and external situations, hoping for love, and sometimes I would find temporary joy.

The affairs were lacking. They lasted a month or so, on average, but still, it took away the emptiness temporarily.

But in the end, I find there can only be one aspect that fills the emptiness, and that is love.

I found that a lack of love is the only cause of inner emptiness.

However, this is not due to someone else’s love — it is due to not loving yourself. “

Emptiness itself can make you feel as though you have a hole in your heart, as an element is missing.

All your interests, aspirations, and joyful moments become meaningless to you.

Contrary to what is believed, feeling empty need not mean you are depressed.

Instead, it makes you miss that feeling of being miserable, considering it would imply you are experiencing something, showing that you are alive.

Alternatively, you don’t feel gratified, either you can’t feel any emotion – all you can anticipate is apathy.

Besides, this feeling of emptiness can last for a long time if untreated, yet you can change.

. We are like the moon; we have phases.

Phases in which emptiness is necessary to be complete and shine as bright as possible.

Even though there is nothing crueler than losing yourself, you need to take action to find yourself again. Above all, remind yourself that these phases are temporary.

They are a moment of realization.

Now that we know that insufficient self-love leads to empty feelings, how do we eliminate it?

The following are four ways to replenish the loneliness in your life:

1. Dig deep into your feelings of emptiness

We will only solve the problem when we first understand it. What prevents you from enjoying yourself thoroughly? Are you afraid to confront yourself?

Are you afraid that those childhood scars will start bleeding again?

Ripping out your wounds and learning to love your scars requires courage, but it is a necessary step on the way to self-love.

It will not happen overnight, but you must confront your ego and show it, love, at some point. Then there will be nothing left to pine for and nothing to take away from you.

Of course, if you have lost someone to death or a terrible break up those situations can lead to feelings of emptiness, which is understandable. Please take note that consistent feelings of emptiness can however mean something more profound to you.


No one should go through life suppressing all your emotions. This isn’t only unhealthy; it’s even unnatural. We are emotional beings with various feelings, and we should not be forced to suppress them merely because culture tends to frown on people who do so. Do whatever it takes to make you feel more whole inside yourself.

Do something that comes naturally to you, whether writing, singing, hiking, painting, or dancing,

Any of the above will help fill that gap and give you a sound outlet for your emotions.


Listen, I struggle with this sometimes; I can assure you that loving yourself is a serious challenge, because we are taught to put others before ourselves. We have every excuse in the world to love ourselves, but most of us do not feel worthy enough when it comes to it. Log in on social media at any time and constantly compare ourselves.

We can watch TV commercials that promise to make us “perfect,” or listen to negative people that discredit and dismiss us. However, we can choose to ignore all this and commit to loving ourselves unconditionally.

And so the question is, how do you do this? You make a choice.

Choose to love yourself regardless of what other people think of you, choose to love yourself through whatever mistakes you make, and decide to love yourself regardless of what path you take in life. You can’t truly enjoy life if you can’t appreciate and love the person with whom you spend the most time, and that person is yourself.


Participating in activities that make your heart grateful goes a long way against encountering emptiness in your life. You will not even notice a void in your life if you fill it with activities that make you happy. Even if you have been knocked down, you can always get back up.

Instead of succumbing to feelings of worthlessness and loss, you can still choose to fight back. Register for a yoga class, join a reading club, meet friends, whatever it takes to make you happy. And when you start replacing those feelings with love, the emptiness disappears gradually.


There are a few common causes of feeling emptiness, including:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed by life or work
  2. Experiencing a loss or a trauma
  3. Losing your sense of self-identity
  4. Experiencing chronic pain or illness


If you’re feeling lost or empty inside, there are a few things you can do to help fight back against these feelings. First, try to identify the source of your emptiness. Is it because you’re not spending enough time with friends or family? Are you working too much and not taking the time to enjoy life? Once you know the root of your emptiness, you can start to make changes in your life to address it.

Another way to combat feelings of emptiness is to take inventory of your life. What are you happy about? What are your passions? Do those things bring you joy? When you focus on the things that make you happy, it’ll help fill up the gaps in your life caused by emptiness. And finally, remember that every person feels empty at different points in their lives. You’re not alone in your feelings, and there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Talk about what’s going on with a trusted friend or family member, or reach out for support online. Together, we can work through whatever feelings of emptiness come our way.


  • Solution one: Reach out to friends and family. This can help fill the emotional void that you may be feeling. Additionally, talking to others can also help clear your head and give you some perspective on your life.
  • Solution two: Take a moment for yourself. When you feel empty, it is easy to focus on everything missing in your life. However, taking a few minutes can help refresh and recharge your batteries. Spending time reading, going for a walk, or listening to music can all be great ways to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Solution three: Seek out meaning in life. When things feel empty and meaningless, it can be hard to find any purpose or meaning in your life. However, looking for meaning in life can help take the focus off of what is missing from your life and put it back on what makes you happy. pursuing interests, activities that make you feel good, and spending time with close friends and family are all great ways to find meaning in life.


When we feel empty, it can be tough to get out of our funk. Unfortunately, feeling empty is a common occurrence during times of stress or during periods of rapid weight loss or change. The good news is that there are ways to combat these feelings and start living life again. One approach is to find activities that you enjoy and do them regularly. This helps fill the void inside us and makes us feel more connected to the world around us. Another approach is to focus on things that make us happy. Doing this consistently can help us forget about our emptiness for short periods, giving us the courage to face our challenges again later on. So remember: when you’re feeling empty, don’t give up hope! There are plenty of ways to start living again and make progress towards your goals.

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