Dear Daughters Loves Mom

Here’s my health tip for the week
Dear Daughters,

Here’s my health tip of the week.

Try these foods for some extra nutritional values

Avocados, eggs, and meat (Vitamin B):

B vitamins all help fight depression. The Bs are water-soluble, meaning we don’t store extra in our bodies. So it’s key to eat B-rich foods daily. You can also find Vitamin B in seafood, dairy, nuts, leafy greens, legumes, and fruits.

Bell peppers, citrus, and tropical fruit (Vitamin C):

Research shows that taking Vitamin C regularly can help boost your mood. Also try dark leafy greens, berries, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, and peas.

Salmon, cheese, and egg yolks (Vitamin D):

Your body makes Vitamin D from sunlight and also gets it from food. Up to 70 percent of us may be deficient in Vitamin D, especially those over 65 or with dark skin. Since it’s harder to get vitamin D, try a supplement or eat fortified foods. Taking Vitamin D supplements has been proven to help with depression.

Turkey, quinoa, and soy (Amino Acids):

Amino acids are key for mood and brain function. You can also find them in seafood, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese.

Nuts, seeds, and beans (Magnesium):

Magnesium helps us to relax our muscles. Relaxed muscles help us sleep better, which supports a good mood. Try eating dark leafy greens and whole grains.

Spinach, mushrooms, and dark chocolate (Zinc):

Zinc is important for a healthy brain. Red meats like grass-fed beef and lamb are good sources. Also try kefir (a type of yogurt), pumpkin seeds, nuts, and chickpeas.

A healthier mind and body makes healthier you,

As Always

Love mom

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