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6 Ways To Get Your Mindset Right And Make More Money Using Law Of Attraction!

Dear Daughters,

Do you feel rich, secure, and monetarily bountiful? Or then again, do you stress how to make more money that will be enough to pay your bills and retire?

Money can be a source of stress, dread, and restriction. Or it can be a fantastic apparatus to tackle issues, live liberally, and change the world.

Alright, let me explain. As humans, when we are short on cash and need to make more money, the first thought is to get a second job or work more hours in your present job. Most times, that doesn’t work out, mostly because taking a second job or working additional hours means less time for rest, less time with family, and more importantly, less time with self.

make more money

How the law of attraction works.

Danielle has always had bad luck, and everything she does never seems to work out. She does not know how to fix it, but what she doesn’t realize is that she is the cause. She has built her mind around the fact that she is unlucky, and because of her mindset, she has attracted negative energy toward herself without knowing that she is the magnet that attracts the bad luck

So you see, the first thing we need to do is create a healthy mindset. Good emotional well-being causes you to appreciate life and adapt to issues. It offers a sensation of prosperity and internal strength. Similarly, as you deal with your body by eating right and working out, you can get things done to secure your emotional wellness. Remember that in any area of your life, may it be affection, friendship, success or finance, the abundance in your life is a reflection of your inner state and plays out in what you hold in your mind and heart.

What Is a Make More Money Mindset?

Your “money attitude” is your allowance of faith-based expectations — generally subliminal — about cash. It’s how you approach acquiring, saving, spending, and partaking in your life.

make more money

Your money mindset is the entirety of the messages you’ve discussed cash over your lifetime, and it reduces to two essential directions toward money — and they are lack and wealth.

Now let’s look at the Lack versus Wealth Mindset

  • Do you dwell in a large, broad universe? Or then again, do you reside in a universe of the excessive struggle for limited assets?

When we talk about money mentality, it truly boils down to these two conviction frameworks.

A viewpoint where everything is limited looks like this:

  • You’re continually scrambling to make a few bucks or considering how to bring in more cash.
  • You worry about taking care of the bills, grumble about settling charges, and oppose parting with anything.
  • You have a “broke” mindset, and it never entirely feels sufficient.

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A broke” mindset about cash sounds this way:

  • I’m bad with cash.
  • Another person will deal with this for me.
  • I’m not _____(smart/gifted/advantaged/and so on) enough.

A abundant attitude resembles this:

  • You appreciate what you have — whether it’s pennies in your pocket or a personal luxury plane — and enjoy being liberal with others.
  • You believe in your capacity to make and get cash.

Would you like to change your attitude about money and build a safe and caring relationship with money? Then check out these steps:

Step Number 1.Forgive your yesterday.

Too much of today’s values and behavior patterns around money are stuff we accumulated in childhood or our family history, most of which we learn from adults who themselves had faulty beliefs and habits around money.

Forgiveness is freedom, it teaches us to let go of our past and faulty ways. This way, we no longer blindly repeat the same cycle over and over again.

One way that helped me break free was writing down all the painful memories I have around money. Now, on a piece of paper, make a list. This list should include anything or person that you had a negative encounter around money.

Examples could be your parents, lovers, bosses, or even yourself.

List how it made you feel!
  • Did you feel stressed?
  • You feel uneasy?
  • Did you feel frustrated?

Now go through your list and exercise forgiveness

Here are a few exercises I use to gain clarity and harmony

Exercise number 1.You might try Affirmations

Let me explain what are Affirmations.

Typically, an affirmation is a word or phrase that you use daily to make a formal statement to yourself and the world of your expectation for it to be your truth. Although some might say it is like “fake it until you make it,” I see it a little more like keeping the dream of what I hope can be real.

In this case, you can say affirmations such as:

  • I forgive you, or I forgive myself for being imperfect like everybody else.

Exercise number 2. breathing and becoming one with your feelings

Purposeful profound breathing improves emotional well-being by loosening up both the body and the psyche. Taking a full breath through your nose triggers the arrival of nitric oxide, which has a quieting impact and opens up your veins.
Feelings are the way we start to make sense of the emotions we feel. They cause us to focus and respond to the apparent dangers or openings.

Putting your hand on your heart while breathing deeply in and out, and only allowing yourself to feel the feelings that emerge, will help you gain control over your emotions. Negative feelings will eventually disappear when you let those emotions increase and observe them without conviction.

Exercise number 3. Have compassion

When we allow ourselves to care for ourselves and others, it is a profound act of kindness that refills the spirit, energizes the body, and nourishes the soul. Maybe you grew up poor, and it caused you pain. Your family did their best from their level of knowledge. They probably repeated the patterns they had learned when they were children. Practicing compassion gives us tremendous healing power and recognizes the moment of opening our hearts to ourselves and others.

Step Number 2. Eliminate debts

Submission to anything is hard. But to eliminate debt, we have to commit to getting rid of it. When you try to lose weight, try to give up smoking or get fit, we need to alter our attitude in each situation. We would fail if we didn’t work to improve our attitude. After a few weeks or even months, we gave up on trying. Looking closely at where your money goes, a trend will start to emerge.   But it’s not just the spending that you can look at. It’s also your salary. Are you beyond your means?

Step Number 3. Make a budget

By not sticking to reasonable budgets and overspending, we face extraordinary circumstances, such as unpredictable incidents, and this is how most individuals get into serious debt. The reason why so many of us get trapped in a vicious debt loop is that we allow external circumstances away driven our dedication away. When you get tempted to go off budget, start by reminding yourself that you are no longer the person who is wasting money on buying items that do not change your experience of life. Much like a smoker trying to give up, she tells herself she’s not a smoker, so you can convince yourself you’re no longer going to waste your money.

Step Number 4. Save some money

Save,- Save, and -Save- make it a habit to save. If you can save $1 every day for the year, you get $365 at the end of the year. If you mentally decide to save a particular amount from your salary and challenge yourself not to touch it. You will have a substantial amount at the time you need it. Saving also shows how disciplined you can be.

Step Number 5. Increase your income

The most obvious way is to either take on more working hours at your present job or get a second job. If you are thinking about a second job, then perhaps it’s time to look into a home based business for yourself. With all the saving you will be doing, investing a little time and money into yourself will surely help generate more money into your life. Many people have set up a home-based business over the Internet using the law of attraction.

Here are a few books I read in my journey to freeing my mind and living in the law of attraction:

“Abundance now” By Lisa Nichols.

“The Success Principles Workbook: An Action Plan for Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” by Jack Canfield

“Mаking Lifе Chаngеѕ That Stiсk”  by Cheryl T Long. Mаking Lifе Chаngеѕ That Stiсk  is an e book I wrote because I applied the principles around the law of attraction. You can also download a free copy of “Money Management Techniques That Are Mindful“, on my website.

Step Number 6. Become Thankful

Look at the money you already have, and be thankful. So many people don’t have a fourth of what you own. By becoming thankful regularly, you focus on the good things you already have, and give them a chance to expand and grow even more. You will begin to realize that when we harness the law of attraction, we can manifest a life of ever-increasing wealth, success, and abundance.


Law of attraction is the art of getting what you desire through visualizing it and feeling it in the physical world. If you’re ready to stop living your life by default and make a change in your financial situation, you’ll be able to create wealth with the help of the Law of Attraction.

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