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The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story

It’s 11:40 pm; the moon’s glow is dimmed due to the dark clouds that rest in the night sky. A reflection of the tired and grumpy mood that I’m currently (The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story).

I’ve had a long day at the office, the boss had been breathing down my neck all day, and the only thing that had gotten me through it all, aside from cup after cup of coffee, was the thought of eventually going home. My God I hate that guy, and he hates me too. But he has the power to make it worse for me and I just have to take it all. Fun fact though, there’s recently been some news about a bunch of masked killers going around, which I don’t know all the details as I don’t care for the news because my days are miserable enough. But the thought that there’s a chance my Boss could be killed by them any night now, puts a smile on my face.(The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story)

The last 20 minutes feel worse than the previous 9 hours that I’d spent sitting at my office desk, but thankfully it’s finally time to go home.

Leaving the company building I amble my way into the car park, my legs feeling heavy with exhaustion with every single step that I take.

“Bloody office chairs.” I grumble as I take out my keys and unlock the car with the press of a button. I enter and relish in the feeling of my ass sinking into the soft rich material of the leather. It feels so good that I just take a moment and close my eyes and take it all in. Finally being able to sit down somewhere comfortable seemingly relieves all the aching pain my legs had built up throughout the day, and it’s truly bliss… But home is where I’ll feel even greater, and I’ll surely fall asleep if I don’t leave now. So I reluctantly open my eyes and wrap my fingers around the keys of the car before attempting to start the engine and… Nothing.

I rotate the key again and again and again, but it just doesn’t start. I curse as I try to put more force into it but the damn thing just doesn’t want to work. I strike the car with an angry fist, instantly regretting the action as my knuckles pules with a hot pain. I sigh and allow my head to flop back. My eyes linger on the rear view mirror, they go in and out of focus for a split second and as my vision becomes clearer, it takes me a moment to really process it, but standing behind a few cars behind me seems to be… A person?

I was the last one to leave the building and this is private property, so nobody else should be here. I continue intensely staring at the person as I attempt figure out who the hell it could be, and it’s then that the figure seems to clock its head and wave at me before then outright bursting out into a sprint out of view. My eyes widen, my mind not knowing what to think of the action. It’s when my heart starts pumping and my palms begin to get sweaty that I feel the need to get the hell out.(The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story)

I jump out of the car and slam the door behind me. I do a quick three sixty spin, allowing my eyes to scan the area around me but nothing. I chuckle at my sleep deprived mind and shrug. Now being out of the car I see it fit to check the car’s engine. I pop upon the hood of the car with more effort than I thought I needed to (I really need to sleep) and my chest sinks. My yes falls upon… Nothing. No engine, no battery, no radiator, just absolutely nothing!

“Who the hell does this!?” (The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story)

I furiously shout aloud as I slam down the hood in anger. The combined feeling of rage and the split second feeling of fear results in my heart twisting in a strained pain. Standing a few meters away from my car is that same figure… Head still clocked to one side, they just stand there, staring… Now that they’re closer however, I can make out mostly every detail.

The figure is dressed in a slim fitted black suit with a dark crimson tie and black shining shoes. But what’s the strangest thing of all is the overly large bunny mask placed upon their head. The white fur almost shines under the lamps that stand scattered around the car park. However, paying closer attention, I realize the bunny has black spots sprinkled upon the bunny face, and as if trying to blatantly shout out, “It was me!” the person has a wrench clench in one hand, which is endlessly dripping some sort of liquid.

“You fucker! Where the hell is my engine!?” I shout at the weirdly dressed person. Which in hindsight, probably not the best thing to have done. The bunny man points to himself, and then slowly raises a hand, his index finger extended and pointed directly at me. And in one final quick and terrifying motion-


The wrench embeds itself into the hood of the car that’s sat beside him. I start to slowly back away from my car and the figure, gradually picking up speed before turning around and bolting it down the car park. With every hard step that I take, my legs feel like they’re going to break, but I fight against the pain knowing that if I stop, it could be the end of me. A thought I really, really don’t want to have floating within my mind.

It feels like forever, but I finally make it to the entrance of the car park. But just ahead of me, before I’m even past the last few cars before the entrance, the bunny man casually walks out of what could only be the shadows and pure utter darkness of the night. It waves at me once again as it slowly approaches me, their wrench in hand gliding through the air, soon to be striking against my head or ringing out my teeth- No! I can’t think like that, I will escape, I have to escape.(The Bunny Men-Urban Legend Story)

I have to…

I turn around to head back in the opposite direction, my thought process being that I go through the other cars, using them as places to hide and eventually sneaking past the bunny and escaping. But as soon as I turn around, as soon as my eyes fall upon the same figure once again, my heart drops deeper into despair. And the realization hits me just as hard as the wrench as it caves upon my head from behind.

There’s a pulsing pain at the back of my head as I come to. I slowly raise my body and find myself sat on a chair, looks like they just left me sleeping on this metal table. I quickly realize that I’m not wearing my work clothes but instead a black suit with a red tie. Even my shoes have been changed. I jump out of the chair and search my surroundings; the space is not very wide by long in length.

“I’m on the back of truck.” I say aloud to myself. Aside from the chair and table, there’s a small TV, one of those old fashioned box one’s. It turns on.

For a moment there’s just static, but the screen eventually distorts and an image flashes on the screen – One of the bunny masked men. I slowly take a seat and watch the screen.

“What the hell is going on?” I ask the person. There’s no response… “Speak to me!”

The air is still, silent. It pisses me off.


They move.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions.” The voice is deep and metallic, a voice changer I conclude, but also quite formal, weirdly enough. I expected something more… Thuggish. They continue, “However, I’m afraid to inform you that I won’t be able to answer those questions, this is a recording after all.” He says crossing his legs and linking his fingers together as he rests them on his knee.

“You have a choice my friend. I’m sure you’ve already realized it, but we’ve change your clothes. And if you’re smart, you’ll realize it’s the same attire your attackers wore. The same one I’m wearing now.”

“What the hell…” Is all I manage to say?

“Under the table were our iconic bunny mask and a piece of paper with instructions.” He says. I push backwards, the chair scratching against the steel floor and bend down to pick up the furry and soft mask. I hold it in my arms, the red beady eyes peering into me. I place it on the table and a piece of paper floats to the ground. I pick that up too and before I’m able to read it, my captor continues to speak.

“Put on the mask and complete the task, or die.” His tone of voices is unchanged, just as formal and cold as before.

The last statement makes stammer, my heart sinking in my chest. “What?”

“It’s your choice.” And with that, the screen flashes white and then cuts to black as it powers down.

I look over to folded piece of paper placed next to the mask. I pick it up, open it and read.

“Kill your boss the next time you go into work and you live.

Failure to complete the task will result in your death.”

I just sit there… My shaking hands gripping the paper so hard it crunches into itself. The torturous silence all around me doesn’t seem to help and it doesn’t take long for all of this to get to me as I burst out of the seat, march over to the end of the table and pick up and throw the TV. It crashes onto the floor sending glass and parts everywhere.

My body trembles and I feel the anger build up within me, “Fuck!”

A tear goes trail down my cheek.

I hate the guy but to kill him? That’s too much. I-I… I can’t kill him or anyone else!

… But I don’t want to die either…

Some time passes. In that time I’ve searched all over and found that all my things have been taken so there’s no calling for help on my phone. I tried opening the truck door but of course that was locked too. But eventually there’s a loud clang and the door screeches open.

Daylight spills into the room and I squint as the rays attack my eyes. Two shadowy figures stand before me, who are hard to make out for a moment but my eyes quickly adjust to the light, and in turn they become clearer and take the image of two identical bunny masked people.

“Have you chosen yet dude?” One of them asks me. I stand there in silence, an action I quickly come to regret as the one who had spoken shrugs and the person next to him takes out a gun, clocks it and then points it directly at me.

“W-Wait!” I shout out desperately.

“Changed your mind then?” He asks in a mocking tone.

I grit my teeth and hold back my anger before responding, “… Yes.”

The gun is lowered. They hand me the gun, tell me good luck and throw me out of the truck before driving off. I find myself not too far from my apartment and in entering; I decide to spend the rest of the day in bed, trying to sleep, unsuccessfully of course.

Eventually night comes around. Too quickly in my opinion, but there isn’t much I can do about that. I get out of bed and enter my bathroom, looking over myself, the attire they had put on me still on as I was too tired to take it all off. I pick up the mask and slowly place it on my head. The image on the mirror of a bunny man staring back at me sends chills… It’s time.

Driving to work, I usually feel pretty shitty, which is to be expected. Office jobs are not fun. But I’ve never felt this bad, know that I’m going to do… This is the worst.

I pull up as close to the company building as I can and in leaving my car, I run up to it as quickly as I can, in an attempt to avoid people. My boss usually comes in pretty late, staying only for a few hours to check up on things and crap on everyone’s parade, so now it’s just a matter of waiting. And that’s what I do, I find a bush just outside the building automatic doors and I sit and hide.

Time seems to stretch on. The occasional car passing by, or barking of the guard dogs not too far off, all put me on edge even more. I find myself closing my eyes gripping the gun as I try to keep myself calm. But as if the universe does not want me to settle, the automatic doors slide open. I look up to see the slender figure walk past the bush that I’m hiding in All I could see was his grey suit slightly glowing in the dark. I hoped the smug look that’s always present on his face, even now, would make this easier. I sigh in despair as I stand up feeling hopeless and slowly approach his back.

He senses my presence and turns around. The shock and confusion on his face makes me recall the events of yesterday. I wonder if the two that attacked me also had to make a choice… My thoughts are cut short however as my boss sees the gun and makes his own choice to run.

“I’m sorry…” I say even though he can’t hear me. And with sadden eyes that he’ll never see, I raise the gun and pull the trigger.


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