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Dear Daughters,

We often hear people saying, “I don’t have a clue what I am doing with my life” They don’t have a clear direction of where they are going in life.

It is entirely reasonable for individuals to accept circumstances for what they are simply. What appears to matter to them isn’t the nature of the existence they are living, but the number of chances they can draw in.

Before I go deep into the discussion, I will like to do a quick introduction. If you are just joining me on this channel, this channel is all about self-help videos, motivational talks, and life event discussions. Kindly subscribe to the channel to see the videos as it drops. You can also go through the channel to see a series of videos. I’m sure you will find a lot of them helpful and inspiring. Please, like and share this video with friends and families. Thank you.

As the video title says, I will be talking about self Discovery and the path to follow to discover who you are.

We are so concerned about the lives of people around us that we unknowingly disregard dealing with ourselves first.  The motivation behind “A Path of Self Discovery” is to help all of my viewers reveal their actual excellence. I’ve found that once you do, you will see life through an alternate point of view and can settle on choices that will, in all likelihood, lead you to self-transformation.

To identify the reasons for your existence, I thought of a progression of steps that you can use to improve self-discovery.

These steps have worked for me, and I hope it works for you in SELF DISCOVERY

1. Find a paper and write down the things, individuals, and values that are essential to you. Ask yourself, “Where would I like to go with my life?” and record each idea that comes to mind.

At this point, if you appear to be stuck or can’t consider whatever else to write down, go through the list again.

2. Cross out those things that are the least essential. You will begin to see the most important among them. As you go through your list, focus on those that make you grin, the ones that sound exciting to you. Focus on the things, people, and values that make your heart feel good.

3. Attempt to summarize them into a sentence or two. For example, if you love helping people or love working in the hospital. You can make up a sentence like, “My heart feels excellent when I help someone in need.” Or “Working in the hospital makes me feel needed.” By doing this, you are discovering what you need and want for yourself.

4. Close your eyes and imagine the life goals you have just circled out. Those are the things you want to focus your life on.

 Now is the time to start your journey to self-discovery and live a full and abundant life. Start taking them with you everywhere you go.

Remember that this is a process and not a sprint. Once you conquer the first list, you can create a new file and begin the self-discovery process again. You will find that the true self likes to be discovered.

As Always,

Love Mom

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