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Dear Daughters, Delay of gratification is the act of resisting pressure to take an available reward, hoping to get a more-valued bonus in the future.

Why would anybody decide to delay his or her gratification?

  1. Studies show that postponed satisfaction is one of the best qualities of fruitful individuals. Individuals who figure out how to deal with their needs flourish more in their professions, connections, and wellbeing. People who choose not to delay gratification have often been described as unreasonable and as having poor impulse control.
  2. If you engage yourself in the act of delaying gratification, it shows you are disciplined. Exercising the option to postpone gratification isn’t an easy thing to do. It includes feeling disappointed, which is the reason it appears to be unthinkable for individuals who haven’t figured out how to control their motivations.

Why We Hasten for Instant Gratification

  1. To avoid delay
    we require everything now rather than later. There is emotional distress affiliated with self-denial. It is our intuition to take the prize at hand, and resisting this sense is hard.
  2. Uncertainty.
    Skepticism of life affects our future decisions. Poor health is a sign of destruction, and consequently raises one’s uncertainty about whether a likely reward will be received.
  3. Impulsiveness.
    People with an unpredictable temperament are more likely to be in an impromptu state and to show narrow-mindedness to any delay of gratification. People with spur-of-the-moment habits are at higher risk for problems such as inadequate relationships and substance abuse.

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