Dear Daughters Loves Mom

Do you want to fly?

Do You Want To FLY?

When asked what kind of superpower people like to have, invisibility and flying make the short list. I think one of the reasons people choose invisibility is so they can listen in on conversations and see what people really think about them. What people think is important to some people. The problem is, what happens when you find out? I don’t think knowing what other people think is the problem, I think caring what other people think is the problem.

Want to Fly?

Now flying, flying is different. Flying is a great superpower, but it makes you vulnerable. There you are, flying in front of everyone. They can see you laugh; they can see you enjoying yourself and they can see whether you care about what they think.

To really F.L.Y, you must First Love Yourself. This is part of God’s design. Jesus said, “love God with with all your heart” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Loving one’s self allows you to love others. A true sense of love means to respect yourself, and in doing so, you’ll respect others.

Love is patient, love is kind, with others and with us. If we give all our love to others, we hurt ourselves. Self-love does not mean selfish. (want to fly)

Selfish love means all that matters is you. Selfless love means everyone matters, including you. Go ahead F.L.Y, it’s a superpower we should all have.

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