Four Kinds of Life Toxins to Avoid

If you are in a toxic environment, you will waste away.” ― Richie Norton

Another word for toxic is poison. If you’re exposed to toxins such as carbon monoxide, over time, you will die. Therefore, you see many people in the movies sit in their cars with the motor running. They’re filling up the garage with a toxin so they can commit suicide. There are cases where whole families have died from carbon monoxide and they never even knew it was happening.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless and can spark symptoms like those of the common flu, such as dizziness, headache, and nausea. There are generally four types of toxic entities; chemical, biological, physical and radiation. Most of us will not be exposed to enough of these toxins to kill us, but there are other toxins that can make us waste if we’re not careful.

Here are Kinds of Life Toxins to Avoid

Relational Toxins

Bad relationship where love is not mutual, kindness is not shared and the wellbeing of each other is not a priority is a toxin too many people are familiar with. It causes divorce, stress, depression and anxiety. We were designed to love each other not use one another. Stay away from those who are only takes.

Emotional Toxins

They say that bitterness is a poison we drink and wait for the other person to die. Hurts, wounds, and betrayal can stack up in our souls. We must get good at flushing toxins once we sense they are in the room otherwise they will overwhelm us. Forgive at the point of attack. Pity the person who is hateful because it may be that keeps them running. (Kinds of Life Toxins to Avoid)

Mental Toxins

These kinds of toxins slip in though out our lives. It can be anything from self-hatred to insecurity. These toxins often come through experience with others. People who are bullied are made to feel less than and can affect their overall drive and performance throughout their lives.

This is also one of the hardest toxins to get rid of. We must mentally retrain ourselves to believe in ourselves.

Spiritual Toxins

Spiritual toxins are come over time. These toxins affect how we see the world, how we see humanity and how we perceive God.  Being jaded is the result of toxins that we choose believe and it hardens our hearts to the point where we our worldview become dim and hope becomes a scarcity. Of all the toxins this one may be the most dangerous and lethal. When you sense our soul becoming sick, detox. Get off social media, take the day off, rest, eat, sleep and start again tomorrow. Eliminate what makes you sick and place yourself in healthier surroundings. (Kinds of Life Toxins to Avoid)

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