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Reaping the Benefits of a Gratitude Journal


Dear Daughters,


Gratitude journal has been around for years, but they’re only recently gaining popularity. The benefits of gratitude journaling are clear: increased well-being, productivity, and happiness.

There’s a growing body of evidence that gratitude is good for your overall health. A study published in “Science” in 2013 found that people who wrote down three things they were grateful for each day had lower blood pressure, better sleep, and fewer medical visits than those who didn’t journal. And another study published in “The Journal of Positive Psychology” in 2010 found that people who regularly wrote about their blessings felt happier and more content with life than those who didn’t.

The benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are numerous. Gratitude can increase your happiness, improve your mental health, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. By writing down how grateful you are every day, you’re encouraging yourself to appreciate life more. A gratitude journal also encourages you to focus on the good in life and make more positive choices.

Although it may seem impossible that journaling could have such a positive effect, it is possible. The scientific evidence supports the idea that gratitude journals can be a huge benefit if kept for the long-term and used daily.

Enjoy stronger and more fulfilling relationships

Although it is so obvious, it can be difficult to accept. Only you can make yourself happy by making your own decisions. You cannot be made happy or grateful by another person. Only you can make that happen. It’s amazing what happens when you show gratitude often. Your relationships will open up and improve. You can recognize those who don’t and allow them to go.

Get Physically and Mentally Healthy

The ability to move and breath will make you more grateful. You’ll feel more motivated to walk, eat right and be grateful for all aspects of your life.

Increase your mental dexterity

A gratitude journal can help you turn lemons into the sweet, delicious state beverage of Arizona. You will find the good in every day, even on the worst. This requires creativity, imagination, and a willingness to think on your feet.

Live a Less Aggressive Life

If you’re happy and grateful, it’s difficult to be aggressive. You can be angry at injustices in the world, but it’s not necessary to be aggressive. If you are angry about your life and don’t find the things that make you happy, it is likely that you are not grateful enough. Most people have something to be grateful for.

Be more compassionate by taking action

You will see others differently if you write more, forgive yourself more, and try to think gratefully. You will be able to see the world through their eyes and not judge them. This happens when you forgive yourself.

Enjoy More Restful Sleep

It’s easier to fall asleep if you don’t feel anxious and instead are grateful for all you’ve had (or most) of it.

Do More Every Day

You’ll feel more relaxed, less stressed and more grateful which will give you more energy to accomplish your daily tasks. You’ll feel even more grateful for the good things that happen because of productivity.

You can feel better about yourself

When you are able to improve so many positive aspects of yourself, it is hard not to feel better about yourself. When you are grateful for the things your body and mind can do for you, you will increase your self-esteem.

A gratitude journal is a great way to feel happier, do more in your life, and have real joy. Remember that your thoughts are what cause your emotions. Once you accept them, you have control over the actions you take. Accepting you have control is half of the battle. Your journal will prove it.

As Always,

Loves Mom


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