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What are the symptoms of aging I should look out For?
What are the signs of aging I should look out For?

Dear Daughters,

What are the symptoms of aging I should look out For?

Aging is one of the oldest concerns of the human being. We age because the macromolecules that make up our body lose their function over time.  Aging begins when the body’s cells repair is less than the damage they suffer over time. This process occurs at different times in each person, and its progress is unstoppable, but its effects can be reduced by following a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Knowing its signs and causes helps us understand it better and delay it.

So what are the signs of aging and how do they show up?
Appearance of the first wrinkles:

Appearance of the first wrinkles.

This is usually the first sign of aging, and is the most noticeable at first glance. The skin loses its elasticity in some areas. Over time, the wrinkles will spread to other body areas.

Loss of agility and reflex reaction capacity:


Over the years, reflex reactions slow down, and this is compounded by the loss of agility. Which can mean it takes more effort to practice sports or basic tasks.

Appearance of senile dementias:

What are the symptoms of aging I should look out For?

Alzheimer’s can be diagnosed up to 20 years before its most serious phase. Such manifestations can be short-term memory loss or disorientation episodes, and are often attributed to stress.

Decreased immune capacity:


What are the symptoms of aging I should look out For?

With the passage of time, it is easier to catch contagious diseases, like the flu. In our youth, we have greater immune capacity and can protect ourselves from these viruses, but this capacity is reduced with increasing age.

Progressive loss of the senses:

Progressive loss of the senses of hearing, taste, and sight

Another well-known sign of aging is hearing loss, which is associated with progressive loss of senses. .

Visible pores:

Visible pores

The pore is the opening through which the growing hair comes out. Each hair has an oil gland that produces the sebum that the skin needs to be lubricated. After age 40, pores become more visible on the face, which can have an aesthetic impact on women.

Age spots:

Age spots

Dark spots appear on the skin due to sun exposure. What is known as photoaging.

Dryness and tightness of the skin:

What are the symptoms of aging I should look out For?

The skin becomes dehydrated, dry and rough. The softness of the skin directly correlates with the presence of water. To protect the skin from water loss, the sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum. Over the years, its production decreases, and this, added to environmental conditions, causes the skin to lose water and become drier and tighter.

So daughters, life expectancy has increased significantly in the last century.  This is partly due to some medical advances, and we are taking better care of ourselves. Age brings new experiences, and our skin and bodies sometimes reflect that. It’s about prevention and giving your cells a boost through products or lifestyle changes when it comes to slowing down the indications you don’t like. I hope this helps.

As Always,

Love Mom


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