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why we need to Detox our bodies as well as our minds to Edify the Soul

Dear Daughters,

The human body is forever requiring a detox. We live in an environment of process foods that contain toxins harmful to the immune system.

Toxins are distressful to your life, robbing you of a sound mind and a healthy soul. Detoxing is a beneficial way to clean your body and restore your divine outlook in life.

Now lets look at ways of detoxing

Physical detox:

Most of us are familiar with this process. It can help clear waste, reduce illnesses, congestion, and potential diseases. Many detoxification processes help rejuvenate the body and prevent degeneration. Detoxification of the mind is also essential. Purging the mind from negative patterns can increase the health of a person.

Mental detox:

Evolution and change are the keys to a person’s healing. Detoxing mentally can help deal with evident problems, such as childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships, and job stress. When we eliminate toxins from our life, we feel lighter and can experience the new horizon of the future.

So how to know if detox is needed?
Check your diet:
  • Is your diet full of processed junk?

There is much debate about what constitutes processed food. The fact is there is a continuum of processed foods.

Such as:
  • Naturally preserved foods, like canned potatoes
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Fully denatured foods like high-fructose corn syrup
Processed foods often have non-food constituents like:
  • Bleaching agents
  • Solvents
  • Alkalizing agents
  • Fortified synthetic vitamins
If your diet is poor, you can expect some of these issues:
  • Digestive issues, constipation, and diarrhea
  • Skin problems including rashes and acne
  • Constant colds and viruses
  • Sleepiness and low energy
  • Food allergies
  • Lower back pain
  • Unrelenting headaches

Physical detoxification can also relieve mental stress. It helps a person uncork suppressed anger, failure, anxiety, or bitterness, and replace it with forgiveness, joy, hope, and love.

Detox processes can also enhance a person’s purpose in how they view life more spiritually. Short-term detox within a few days might help the person feel better. Long-term detox may lead to a greater commitment to healthy diets and eliminating bad habits.

Here are a few ways to physically detox:
  • Extra water intake
  • Eating fresh vegetables and fruits with higher water
  • Fasting
  • Flushes
Now let’s take a mental check:

Whenever we detox our bodies with physical cleansers, we also clear our minds of unsettled and negative emotions. When deciding whether an emotional cleanse is required, do a self-check-in

Take notice of feeling different?
  • Do you wake up feeling irritated, pessimistic, and overwhelmed when unresolved emotions weigh on the mind?
  • Have you struggled with sleepless nights tossing, turning and pacing the room?
  • Are things more demanding, complicated, or intense?

Well, it is probably time for a mental detox.

Here are a few more signs it is time for a mental detox:
  • Still feeling exhausted after seven to eight hours of sleep
  • Low to no motivation
  • Living in the Past
  • Moodier than usual
  • Little or no interest in activities once liked
  • Making decisions is overwhelming
  • Unusual irritability that leads to rage
  • Harsh Outbursts at family members
  • Reacting irrationally to minor events
  • A desire to isolate oneself from family and friends

Meditation is an excellent form of detox for the mind, body, and soul, and it is my preferred method.

Benefits of meditation:
  •  Boost concentration
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • Help with mental clarity
  • Increase feelings of peace
  • Encourage empathy for others
Here are a few more ways to mentally detox, in addition to meditation:
  • Take a candlelit, warm, soothing bath
  • Attend a yoga class
  • Go for a stroll
  • Consider a day of no television, computer, or cellphone
  • Exercise at home



Do not over detoxify yourself. Excessive fasting, enemas, diuretics, laxatives, and exercise can lead to the loss of vital nutrients. Always speak to your doctor before starting a detox.

Both mental and physical well-being work together to create a well-balanced state of being. If you need a detox, please check out my natural detoxes on this blog. You can also check out and download my free 28 day meditation/affirmation guide. Have you ever detoxed before? If so, please comment and share.

As Always,

Love Mom

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