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Emotions and Reason: How what we feel is Balanced

Dear Daughters,

We all have a natural bias towards one side of the scale. It can be positive or negative, but you always have a bias. I call it your default setting. It’s the side that you default to when making decisions and determining your values. When you default to a certain way of thinking, your emotions and reason are attached to it. And your emotional attachment makes you want to keep thinking that way and stick to the idea.

Emotional reasoning

Emotional reasoning is a normal cognitive process in which we use emotion to explain everything that happens in our lives. If I’m furious, it’s because everyone treats me unfairly. When emotion overwhelms us to the point where we are unable to reason, the same process occurs in reverse. Continuing with the same scenario, we experience a high level of wrath that operates like a torrent with no control over others or ourselves.

We may, however, learn to listen to our own emotions, understand them, and use them to better how we feel. It entails striking a balance between our intellect, which is exalted in the first scenario, and our emotion, which is swamped in the second.

Everything that occurs to us during the day has an effect on us, even if we don’t always recognize it. It lingers as a residue and causes us to experience various feelings. Over an hour, we move through various states, some of which become permanent. If the emotions are bad, we seek to control and eliminate them using the tools we have, many of which are unhelpful. The tool of harmonizing emotions and intellect, on the other hand, typically works better

Feelings on a scale


Not all of our emotions, even happy ones, overwhelm us. However, the fact that some of them cause us trouble indicates that we are not managing them well. It occurs in certain circumstances and with specific emotions, implying that we should begin behaving more balanced in such instances. This balance can only be achieved by reasoning what occurs and allowing emotion to exist.

We think our emotions are only responses to the environment, and that they shouldn’t exist at this stage in development. However, we are mistaken; they have always served a purpose, which has evolved with us as a species while maintaining the same usefulness. Starting to put the following things into practice is a smart way to start becoming productive with emotions:

Look for the structure

Every emotion has a core structure that has a beneficial impact on our lives. Loss situations must be handled with grief, injustice, aggressiveness with wrath, and threats with fear. As a result, we will discover progress, balance, and security in that same sequence. If we use the incorrect emotion, it will not be adaptive, and we will get overwhelmed. The same thing occurs if the emotion is accurate, but the tone is excessively loud.

Create a state of self-knowledge

Each individual has a dominating emotion that they apply to numerous circumstances, some of which are accurate and others that are not. That should not lead to self-rejection, but rather an acceptance and desire to experience what events bring out in us. To deny who we are is to deny our own evolution.

Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain

Seek calm

If we live more tranquility daily, our emotions will overflow less. What do you need right now to do that? More sports, healthier food, avoiding abusive relationships, and learning meditation methods are all possibilities. You must begin to move all this in your life.

We appreciate emotions and reason what we are fundamentally, by reasoning what we feel, letting our emotions flow, and listening to what they are telling us. A method of knowing that everything has a purpose and that bad feelings are meant to make us feel happy in the medium or long term.



You must seek peace within yourself. Can’t deny your nature, emotions, and reason. You must accept your feelings and be comfortable with your feelings. Listen to your emotions and follow them. Try to find out what your feelings mean and how they can help you change your life.  You should learn how to control your feelings and live peacefully. If you can’t control your feelings, it is best to avoid being angry. Anger hurts everyone and does nothing good. How double-minded are you? We are here to help each other be happy.

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