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Here’s my health tip for the week

Dear Daughters, Here’s my health tip of the week. Try these foods for some extra nutritional values Avocados, eggs, and meat (Vitamin B): B vitamins all help fight depression. The Bs are water-soluble, meaning we don’t store extra in our bodies. So it’s key to eat B-rich foods daily. You can also find Vitamin B in seafood, dairy, nuts, leafy greens, …

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The Hidden Wonders Of Ginger

Dear Daughters, Native to Southeast Asia, ginger has been utilized for its rich nutritional profile, medicinal properties, and distinct flavor for thousands of years. This powerhouse spice contains an antioxidant called 6-gingerol, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. Today it continues to be commonly used for digestive support and makes a regular appearance in various dishes …

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