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If you are interested in learning the important factors that affect your cholesterol, look no further. This will be the best information you will need in order to lower your cholesterol and keep it at a healthy level. This book is short and to the point. It will teach you how cholesterol works and how you can actively manage it. It aims to show you the best and healthiest methods to help improve your overall health by lowering your cholesterol. Your health is the most important thing in your live, don’t neglect it.

A preview of what you will learn:

* How cholesterol works
* What is a healthy Cholesterol level
* What LDL’s and HDL’s are
* The types of food you should be eating in order to lower your cholesterol
* How exercise can help you lower your cholesterol
* Going natural without the use of medication
* How medication impacts your cholesterol

Take control of your health today and buy a copy of this book. You’ll be glad you did.



Dear Friend,
Did you know…
Cholesterol comes from two places: Our body, and the food we eat
Our liver makes ALL the cholesterol we need
There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol
Did you also know…
Playing golf can lower your cholesterol
Eating five fruits and vegetables can lower your cholesterol
Even nuts can help!

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