Increase Your IQ


In this book, you will learn all about:

  • Learn how to increase your IQ and succeed is any aspect of life

  • Enhance your job performance, get a salary hike and improve your public image

  • Build your confidence and self esteem. A high IQ can also help you become more optimistic in life

  • Tackle negative situations with greater zeal and take life within your stride

  • No longer do you have to feel depressed when another coworker is extolled… because you know you have the capability to outdo his performance

  • Improve your perception skills and grasp more from what you learn

  • Enhance your overall personality

  • Use your charm to make an impact on people you meet

  • Impress your seniors, colleagues, friends and family with witty remarks

  • Be the life of parties and social gatherings and make your absence palpable

  • Improve your social connections and establish a one-to-one relationship with every acquaintance with your newfound confidence

  • Do not demand respect, command it

  • Leave a mark wherever you go

  • Become the pride of your family

  • Become popular and bask in the sunshine of admiration


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